What’s The Best Flooring Material For Commercial Spaces?

Wooden Floor

Choosing new flooring for a business or commercial space takes a lot of thought. Not only do you want it to look attractive and fit in with your branding, it also needs to be durable and easy to clean. The type of business you have will affect your best options. Let’s take a look at what we can provide.

Hygienic Safety Flooring

Schools, hospitals and clinics will need to choose flooring that’s hygienic and easy to clean. There’s no use in having an attractive carpet in a dentists, for example, when it needs to be sterilised with anti-bacterial cleaning products multiple times a day. That’s why we offer specialist flooring that’s hard-wearing and robust enough to withstand regular cleaning. As well as that, many of these floors are slip-resistant and meet the stringent safety standards that care and medical facilities demand.

Aesthetically Pleasing Floors

Hotels, offices and other businesses where warmth and comfort might be a priority may be inclined to choose carpet. We can fit carpet tiles, which are durable and easy to replace, as well as traditional carpet rolls. There’s a huge range of patterns, piles and colours available to choose from, so you’ll get a great match for your business branding.

Wooden Floors

Wood flooring has a timeless appeal, so it’s only natural that many commercial spaces will want to feature it. Wood is unique and can be laid in many different patterns. You can create highly decorative and intricate results, as well as simple placements. Wooden floors contribute to healthy indoor climates, so make a great addition to businesses. It’s long-lasting and needs just a little maintenance, with sanding and refinishing recommended every few years.

LVT Flooring

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