What Is First Fix Carpentry? Commonly Asked Questions


First fix carpentry is the timber work that takes place during the initial structural build. It involves the construction of the frame and stud work predominately. It can also contain work on the joists and roof. This stage of a build is often completely hidden from the finished product.

As a result, the primary concern is strength and precision, leaving the finishing to second-fix carpentry later on in the build. If you’re interested in carpentry and are looking for more answers to common questions, read on to find out.

Is There A Difference Between Carpenter & Joiner?

Yes, there is a primary difference between joinery and general carpentry. Joinery is the process of joining timber together. It often circumnavigates the use of screws and fasteners for more traditional, hidden methods such as mortise and tenon joints. Frequently, joiners will create features for carpenters to then fit on site, such as kitchen worktops, furniture and stairs.

What Is Second Fix Carpentry?

Second fix carpentry is the finished product of timber work. It involves the last touches to creating a home or building.  Furthermore, flooring, skirting, architraves and other work of this nature are often the main tasks involved with second-fix once the first fix has been completed and other trades have moved on.

Can A Roofer Do Carpentry?

Yes, within reason. There is a crossover between the trades which means it’s essential for a roofer to have carpentry abilities. A carpenter by trade will be well-versed in all aspects of timberwork, whereas a roofer will usually be competent in roofing-based woodwork. Battening, joist replacement and fascias may be in the roofer’s repertoire and are extremely useful for a professional contractor.

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Does A Carpenter Need To Know Joinery?

No, it is not essential for a carpenter to also be a joiner. However, the skills are somewhat interchangeable, and both trades having knowledge of the work each other does can be symbiotic. If a carpenter knows what a joiner does, they can fit their creations to a high standard. Likewise, if a joiner is familiar with site carpentry they can create and organise what is made to assist a carpenter in the future during fitting.

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