UPVC Windows And Doors | How To Spot Double Glazing Issues

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New uPVC windows and doors can be the answer when you have issues with your current frames. Over time and wear, old structures can become victim to many problems that can affect the efficiency of your home. If you’re not sure whether you need replacements or not, here are some problems to look for.

Look For Water Leaks

The most obvious and most urgent sign of problems with the structure of the glass and frame is if water is being let in. This could be a faulty system, or overtime seals may have worn away. Either way, it’s not great to have water coming into your property. Water damage can cause many problems if left alone. If this cannot be fixed, ensure you get quality uPVC windows and doors for peace of mind.

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Feel For Draughts

If there’s a draught, it means your old panes and frames aren’t doing a very good job. It is generally a sign that a seal has broken down or there are faults. You may benefit by completely replacing old frames with new uPVC windows and doors as these will be more efficient at keeping your home at a good temperature.

Monitor Condensation

If condensation is on the outside of the glass, this means your uPVC windows and doors are doing a great job. If they’re on the inside, it could be an issue with ventilation. In this case, make sure to wipe it down and not let it sit there, and improve ventilation. However, if you see condensation between the panes, this isn’t good news. This means that it has failed and a replacement is required.

condensation in double glazing
crack in double glazing

Search For Obvious Damage

Look for damage such as cracks, chips and holes in both the frame and panes as these weaknesses can cause all the above issues. It doesn’t look too good either. When this happens, it’s important to get replacement uPVC windows and doors to ensure your house is fully protected. Any weaknesses makes the property vulnerable to the weather, become a security problem, and also make the building less energy efficient.

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