The Basics Of Property Maintenance

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Property maintenance must not be ignored by anyone who wants to keep their building in good order. Whether you’re a homeowner or a landlord with an extensive property portfolio, it’s worth knowing these basic tips to keep your property ticking over.

What Is Property Maintenance?

Property maintenance can consist of many different things. At its core, it’s the process of ensuring your building is structurally sound, attractive and functional. It’s about preserving the quality and integrity of your building through a series of proactive and preventative maintenance tasks.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative property maintenance is important for everyone, including homeowners, landlords and tenants. There are many tasks that can fall under this, including the following:

These are all designed to keep your property in good order, and lead to a decreased risk of problems occurring in the future. In the long run, you save money on expensive repairs when you keep up with preventative maintenance.

Reactive Maintenance

Of course, from time to time things can go wrong. For example, if the washing machine breaks down or the fridge stops working, you need to seek repairs straight away. This type of property maintenance is called reactive, because it can’t usually be pre-empted but it needs to be done quickly.

Conditional Maintenance

Finally, you also need to consider conditional maintenance. These are tasks that revolve around repairing equipment that’s showing the early signs of failure, before it reaches complete malfunction. This could include repairs to things like:

While attending to these isn’t usually urgent, it should be scheduled in to be completed within a reasonable time frame after spotting the issue.

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