The Importance Of Regular Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance

Few of us consider the importance of roof maintenance. This overlooked, yet vitally important structural component is subjected to much abuse during its lifetime. Rooftops protect us from torrential rain, snow, storms, wind and the sun. All the while, we often take them for granted and neglect their upkeep. Let’s explore why we should be maintaining our roofs, and what could happen if we don’t!

What Is Meant By Roof Maintenance?

Roof maintenance refers to observing the state of your property and taking action to repair and secure the roof if damage or wear has impacted it. Spotting issues early and taking action can prevent costly replacements or repair work in the future. Upkeep comes in many forms, including:

  • Inspection of roof and chimneys
  • Gutter and/or roofline cleaning
  • Removing debris/mold/moss
  • Replacing missing/dropped tiles
  • Minor flat roof repairs
  • Securing loose flashings
roof repairs

How Often Should Roofs Be Inspected?

Frequency of maintenance will vary depending on the property. Homeowners should consider arranging annual gutter cleaning and a condition check. Meanwhile, commercial buildings or those with large flat or industrial roofs may require bi-annual, or even quarterly upkeep. Other factors, such as location and subsequent surroundings may influence how often care is needed. This can always be discussed and confirmed during a first inspection.

Maintained Roofs Last For Longer

Much like with our cars, and even our bodies, a well-maintained roof will have a longer lifespan than a neglected one. Even just emptying and cleaning gutters routinely can prolong their life significantly. Not only does this make rooflines look better, but the gutter system diverts water away from vulnerable points and help prevent roof leaks.

Improved Home Energy Efficiency

A reliable, well looked after roof, complete with insulation and ventilation, makes for a more comfortable living/working environment. It can help to regulate the temperature inside your home, while protecting against harsh weather, meaning lower energy consumption and reduced bills.

Roof Maintenance With Solar Panels

While we’re on the topic of energy efficiency, lets discuss roof maintenance for those with solar panels. Solar panels are increasing in popularity as people look to reduce bills and lessen their environmental impact. However, these panels can mask roofing issues developing below them. You should make sure you use an experienced team for roof work under these circumstances, and stay vigilant for signs of leaks or wear developing. BDL Ltd are highly qualified property maintenance specialists in Birmingham, who have had plenty of experience in carrying out roof repair on solar mounted rooftops. Why not give them a call to arrange an inspection?

Identify Issues Early & Repair Your Roof For Less

Have you heard the common phrase ‘a stitch in time saves nine’? Well, never has there been a more accurate adage for roof repairs. By arranging routine inspections and/or cleaning, your contractor can keep you posted on any concerns, allowing you to take action quickly. A missing tile, for example, is a very quick fix. But if left, the exposed area can let in water and wind, causing leaks, rafter rot, or more tiles to become displaced in stormy conditions.

Quick fixes that save money include:

  • Securing loose flashing
  • Replacing/securing tiles
  • Patching damaged flat roofs
  • Clearing blocked gutters
  • Replacing split guttering

Clean & Tidy Roofs Improve Property Value

A good condition rooftop has a significant impact on curb appeal and is something prospective buyers will be looking at. Roof replacement can be a costly investment, and if yours is looking worse for wear, you can expect any potential buyers to notice. Something as simple as a really good clean can be transformative, and this is something you can do yourself if you have the right equipment and are confident working safely at height. Debris can be removed by hand, and moss and mould can be gently hosed away. What’s more, a scrub up can make it easier to spot other issues early on.

Need A Hand? Call BDL Ltd For Roof Maintenance & Repair in Birmingham!

If you have spotted a problem that needs an expert eye, call the BDL Ltd team for a no-obligation quote and professional advice. We are proud to provide roof maintenance for a number of homes and businesses throughout the area, both on a one-off and routine basis. If you would like to join our many happy clients, give us a call on 0121 4283 455 to find out more.

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