How To Keep Your Property In Top Condition

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Are you keeping on top of your property maintenance? When you have a busy life, it can be easy to let small jobs fall through the cracks. Here are just a few things we think are important when it comes to looking after your home.

Painting & Decorating

A lick of paint does wonders for the appearance of a home. Peeling or discoloured walls can look unsightly and make the place look run down. When it comes to property maintenance, redecorating interior walls can help give a new lease of life to a building, without breaking the bank. If the exterior walls are looking a bit worse for wear, a few layers of paint with help boost your kerbside appeal. As members of the Painting and Decorating Association, we offer our expertise in revamping any room.

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Exterior Care

Once you move into a house, it can be easy to prioritise property maintenance that needs to be done on the inside. However, it’s important to care for the walls that make up your home. If the bricks are damaged, they should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible before further issues crop up. Our team can help with brickwork and pointing to ensure a building remains in good condition. At BDL, we can repair the mortar joints between the bricks and carry out any replacements needed.

Repairing Tiles

If you’re a homeowner, you should look out for broken or damaged tiles, especially in the shower. It’s important to look for cracks, and ensure the grouting is intact. This way you can avoid any further issues. Over time, grout can get damaged and if water manages to get in between the tiles, then it could lead to dampness. This small bit of property maintenance can help save the time and money spent on fixing a much larger issue.

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Property Maintenance: Caring For Your Garden

Before you know it, a garden can get out of control. Make sure to keep on top of maintenance to avoid a huge clean-up operation. This might involve weeding and pruning plants regularly at certain times of year. Are your fences looking a bit worse for wear? At BDL, we can help with repairing garden walls, fences, or railings. If any bricks, posts or panels are damaged, our team can assist in getting it back to good condition.

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Whether you need long-term help or one-off jobs, call our team today. We offer a comprehensive service to help keep your home in great condition. We can work with letting agents and commercial properties as well. So, if you’re looking for home upkeep, get in touch with the BDL team now.

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