Flooring Care For The Cold, Wet & Muddy Seasons

Muddy boots on a wooden floor

As we enter into autumn and winter, a lot changes around the home. You might find that you need to clean your flooring a lot more regularly, as wet and muddy shoes bring dirt into the home. To help you plan for the colder seasons, we’ve put together a simple guide to caring for your floors.

Use Appropriate Care For Your Flooring Type

Not all floors are made the same. Therefore, it’s important that you’re clued up on the correct care procedures for yours. If you’ve bought a new cleaning product, it’s always best to check the label and test it on a small patch before using it throughout the home.

Place Mats In High Traffic Areas

Most people have doormats at the front door. These are great for catching dirt, mud and moisture from shoes as soon as you enter the home. However, you need to be particularly careful if you’ve placed a mat on wooden flooring. Once the mat is damp, the moisture can seep through and damage the floor. This can lead to warping and staining, so it’s best to keep an eye on the mat and hang it up when it’s become wet.

If the mat becomes wet quickly and frequently, it’s best to ensure the floor below is waxed and finished properly.

wooden flooring covered with a rug

Keep Your Shoes Off The Floor

A shoes-off policy is one of the best ways to extend the life of your flooring. You should position a shoe rack close to the front door, so you have an opportunity to wipe your shoes and take them off. You can then put a pair of slippers or house shoes on, so dirt and mud isn’t walked through the home.

Clean Regularly

Establishing a regular cleaning routine is the best way to keep on top of floor maintenance. The longer that dirt and grime spends on your floor, the more likely it is to set in and become harder to remove. In the winter, it’s best to clean every two weeks, as well as any time that the flooring becomes dirty. Any wet spots or debris should be wiped up straight away to prevent slips, trips and stains.

If You Need New Flooring, Call BDL Ltd

Like many things, flooring will need replacing from time to time. If your home is looking tired and unkempt from old or damaged floors, give BDL Ltd a call today. We can fit a number of different types of flooring, including carpet, LVT and wood. We’ve got you covered with a range of attractive and hardwearing surfaces.

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