Early Signs That Your Roof Needs Repair Work

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Your roof plays a very important role in protecting your home from the elements. Therefore, it pays to know when you need to seek out roof maintenance and repairs. To help you spot when trouble may be on the horizon, we’ve created this guide which talks you through the early signs that you’ll need to call a roofer.

How Do You Check Your Roof?

First, we should probably explain how you might spot the signs that you need roof repairs. Most homeowners will only be able to carry out a simple visual check, which we would suggest you do twice per year. You probably won’t be able to see the full picture yourself, but have a look and see if you can spot any cracks or damage appearing. You should also inspect the roof from inside your home if you have access to the eaves.

Although these checks will tide you over for a bit, it’s worth asking an expert to take a look every year or so to ensure nothing gets missed.

Cracks, Sagging & Damaged Roof Materials

If you notice any cracks, sagging or damaged roof material, no matter what type of roof you have, it probably needs some maintenance. All of these issues can allow water to get in, leading to your property suffering water damage. If this is left for too long, the structural integrity of your roof and even walls can become compromised, so don’t delay in seeking out a roofer.

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Mould & Moss

You may notice that moss is growing on the tiles of your roof. If this happens, it needs to be cleared off. If left to grow out of control, moss can prise the tiles apart, leading to exposed areas where water can get in.

Mould is also a bad sign, as it usually means that water has got into the roofing system. More mould and fungi can develop if this isn’t seen to, so get a roofer in straight away.

For Roof Repairs, Choose BDL Ltd

If you’ve noticed any sign that your roof might need repairs, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team of roofers can get your problem solved in no time, leaving you in a safe and secure home.

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